Teenage mums get educated at Tumaini School

For too long, teenage mothers in Tanzania have been denied a proper education because of the way they are viewed by society. They have been dismissed by schools, because it seems the schools feel education no longer matters to them once they have a child to care for. And it’s the moral stigma these young mothers often face which is a barrier to them receiving even a basic education. 

At Tumaini Open School however, school-age mums benefit from a supportive environment that nurtures their talents. They are encouraged to challenge any prevailing negative viewpoint and so achieve academic success. Unless the stigma which has haunted so many teenage mothers changes, it will continue to damage the future of many.

Tumaini School has achieved significant success in doing just this. Young students at the school have demonstrated that they do want to do well academically, and are committed to their education. By providing pupils with a second chance, these girls have been able to show what they can do. And, they have diligently pursued their studies with the determination to do well in their national examinations.  

Progress at the school

Four pupils: Joyce, Dorcas, Tereza and Caroline have chosen to pursue science subjects. This semester, the school celebrates its six young mothers who have sat national examinations in November. This marks a milestone in educating teenage mothers who would otherwise fail miserably in contributing to society. Many of them have been out of school for many years, and this has given them a basic education as a building block.

Without training and further education, prospects for young mothers are grim.  With a child to feed as well as themselves, many will go without proper food and clothing.  In a rapidly developing Tanzanian society, young mothers will fall by the wayside, unless we continue to champion the importance of further education and training. By providing a safe, understanding and supportive learning environment, including psychological care for young mothers, this initiative has already shown success. 

The future for Tumaini

We hope to secure yet more places, starting with the fifty students on our waiting list.  However, we can’t do this without your help. The school needs basic equipment to be able to support this and this means additional funds.  Your donations will go towards much needed mattresses, teaching and learning materials, and teachers’ fees.  We won’t be able to secure more futures for young mothers beyond 2024 without your help, and even a little will go a long way.  

To make a difference to what we are doing please visit https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/a-second-chance-for-teenage-mothers-in-tanzania/

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